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St Jude

St Jude

Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Description: St. Jude’s Cathedral is a landmark and the hub of the Catholic Diocese in St. Petersburg. For the last 60 years, this has been a place of worship, celebrations and many memories. This project has consisted of a complete remodel to restore it back from the original structure with the inclusion of the existing cathedral ceilings. The exciting challenge was keeping St. Jude’s historical character intact.

Raynor Scope of Work: Raynor Company Group completed St. Jude’s Cathedral in August of 2013. Raynor was tasked with recreating gypsum plaster ceilings, coved soffits, and cornice details to duplicate the existing cathedral ceiling from 60 years ago. The plaster dome ceiling and soffits above the stage were recreated with metal framing, drywall and gypsum plaster to provide a more open feel for the new design. All adjacent classrooms, choir rooms, and restrooms are new construction, incorporating the new design with the old. The exterior of the building was fit with new framing, sheathing, stucco, and Dryvit finish at the clearstory, truss soffits, and entry ceilings. Raynor Company Group provided quality workmanship on this project while incorporating numerous finish products. 


2014 General Commercial Project Under $1,000,000.00 (Florida Walls and Ceiling Contractors Association)

2015 Excellence in Construction Merit Award (Associated Builders and Contractors Florida Gulf Coast)

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