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St. Verena Coptic Church

St. Verena Coptic Church

Location: New Port Richey, FL

Description: In 1986, a delegation from St. Verena’s Church in Switzerland brought to Egypt a part of St. Verena’s relics. The first Coptic church consecrated in the name of St. Verena is St. Maurice and St. Verena’s Church in Cairo, which was consecrated by HH Pope Shenouda Ill on February 22, 1994. In September of 2012, Fr. Aghathon traveled to Switzerland to bring a part of Saint Verena’s relics to the United States to her Church here in New Port Richey, Florida. These relics would become a focal point of the new Cathedral to be built that would be on display for the growing congregation for years to come.

Raynor Scope of Work: Raynor Company Group had the honor of creating the new Cathedral for the St. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church from August of 2018 until June 1st of 2019. Raynor Company Group installed new exterior metal stud framing and sheathing which included numerous dome and groin ceilings, as well as intricate wall features profiles. Raynor installed a Titan stucco system with a full Dryvit EIFS system at all banding and cornice locations of the exterior walls with Dryvit acrylic finish at the stucco locations. The exterior vaulted groin ceilings were installed by shaping the foam to the profile of the groins and completing them with a Dryvit EIFS system. Raynor completed the interior scope of work consisting of new framing and drywall of partitions, soffits, and ceilings at the Cathedral building. 

The interior scope also included numerous vaulted groin and dome ceilings that were achieved by a combination of USG suspended drywall grid and metal stud framing and GFRG domes. A level 5 finish was provided at all drywall locations within the Cathedral through numerous hours of laser set corner beads and mopping of walls. 

Awards: 2020 Religious Constitution Award (Florida Wall and Ceiling Contractors Association)


St. Verena Coptic Church Gallery
  • Owner: Coptic Orthodox Diocese
  • Contractor: Bollenback Builders
  • Architect: Oliveri Architects
  • hSub-Contractor: Raynor Company Group